Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Happy Christmas Box - post to my diary

More pics of Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas Box - post to my diary

I bought this - Love it too!

Cross Fingers - Say Prayers - post to my diary

My little Smokey has just not been feeling well.  He was in the doggie hospital for a nite with horrible bloody junk coming out of him.  He was doing great and yesterday and today we have some runny stuff again - no blood, but keeping a close watch.   Cross fingers and say prayers...

Merry Christmas Prim - post to my diary

Merry Christmas Prim!  I had to have this pattern and found one. YEA! 
 Just needs to be dyed and framed. 

Another Oldie But Goodie! - post to my diary

I also pulled this one out the UFO to finish as well!  Done!

Miss Timms Is Ccmplete - post to my diary

Miss Timms is complete except for framing.  (I have to be in the mood for that)

Gramets, Hubby's Idea! - post to my diary

Here is the box.  Painted antique green, patina green gloss and then metallic rub.  Gramets are my husbands idea! (He drilled the holes!)

Back In The Day - post to my diary

Remember the day back in 1983...WOW.  Where did that time go?  So this piece I started when my first son Adam was born in yes..1983.  I had it about 7/8ths of the way done and put it down for whatever reason - diapers, another baby, sick kids, sick dog...who knows?  So recently I got real organized and found this piece.  I thought what a shame that it is not done.  So I finished it.  It had acquired some age spots and it was on Aida.  I don't stitch anything on Aida.  That was pretty much what we had to choose from at the time.  I filled  every square in for background using a herringbone stitch.  I don't frame these pieces anymore just samplers.  So I made this box.  And I love it all over again!  I would never stitch this today as samplers is my love and joy.  This is probably my biggest conffetti piece I own.  Done!