Thursday, August 30, 2018

Under The Sea - a post to my diary

The Antique Card Of Buttons Was My Inspiration.  Can You Find The Sand Dollar Charm?

Thimble Boot With Mermaid Thimble Tucked Inside

She Has a Silver Needle In Her Hand...Ready To Stitch.  I Love The Mermaid Charm!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Catching up - a post to my diary

July 19, 2018 - A big year for so many life events..I turned 60, I retired as did my sweet hubby! Where oh where did that go?

May 27th, 2018 - Celebrating 40 years of wedded bliss!
Lily of the Valley was embroidered all over my wedding dress - a sweet tiny flower that I just love!  My grandma Pearl had a forest of these on the west side of her house.  They do love the shade...

Ann Bowers sampler all done!  I just love love love love her!!!
Threads used were Sullivan's and I changed many/all the colors.  It really reflects the fall season while in Door County in October. She is just yummy!
 Beautiful Ann Bowers - She made the header on a sampler FB page and liked by over 800 stitchers!

Foxes - I fell in love with these beautiful foxes on FB and had to give them a place on my blog - their colors are amazing - stunning! 

I debated about posting this but it really bothers me.  A dear friend stitched and gave me the sampler below on the left as a gift for my birthday in 1997.  Fairly recently maybe two years ago a different designer made a big deal about her "New" design at market - Really???

  Celebration - Danny's Birthday Dinner - Edge of Texas

And we say goodbye and welcome in another - 2018 
Tick Tock -

Baby check in -
                                            dance                 and                      Morgan

A new arrival - granddaughter Morgan

ELP Franklin Mountains @ sunset

A start and a finish - I just have to frame her...I love the fabric colors!
A Sheepish design  "My Christmas Sampler".

My new scissors holder that now holds my very precious strawberry pin cushions.

And a finish!  I used Sullivan threads which finishes with a completely a new texture. I love the lightness of the entire design.

A beautiful El Paso morning!!

Cooper is growing!

Once again our roses are doing fantastic!  They amaze me with their blooms and fragrance.  I really enjoy and love to garden!  Gardening truly takes my mind off all the crazy other stuff and makes me feel good being close to the earth!

We have a Master Bathroom Again!
Of course - Downton Abby shower curtains!

And don't you just love the sampler?  I framed her in an antique.
A bit of a tight fit but loved the frame for her!  Nothing better than to soak and stare at this beautiful reproduction sampler.

 Yep - I have one...this is Kathy's - my dear MIL who has passed away.

A couple of samplers decorated for the season!

 The real meaning!!  My sister Karen made the hanging.  She is very, very talented!

 The album is full of every needed 33.3 to complete a Christmas Carol

Hubby made me a board to attach the string of street lights that I found when we cleared out his parents home after his dad passed in November. :(

 I stitched this in 2016 - but had the pattern since 1983.  I think it was very overdue to be completed!

 Outside - just classic and simple

And some of the inside...

 I love this sampler - Jane Plews - framed in an antique.  I stitched this in 2017

 Christmas Morning at Dan and Jenna's

My Spanish nativity and  now repaired angel decorated for the holiday.

 My sweet hubby surprised me with my new car leaving me Totally shocked!!

Then, my family, boys, DIL and grandaughters gave me the beautiful German angel!  She is even more beautiful in person!

 Front room decorations.
BTW - Sampler lovers - Mary Hutton is hanging upper center!

And before you know it, it's here.  Merry Christmas!!
My new smoker additions from the Kriskindle market!  I love love them!

Karen with her treasures!!!
We always travel the train to the Chicago Kriskindle market in fun.  How I love my sisters and nieces!  We always have the best time!

Thanksgiving table in El Paso but we are traveling to WI to keep up the tradition with my sisters!!!
Chicago here we come!!

I just love this look.  On top of my old pie safe in WI.  My pie safe was built completely from scrap wood by my great great grandfather - How I love the fall.


My Door County treasure - Mushroom Witch

Turning these into...

Me and my hubby! SORTA

 My Halloween quilt that I made using vintage looking fabrics...
 A couple of my cross stitch favorites...
 I stitched the Prairie Schooler some time ago - When Witches Go Riding
A sweet fall pillow - Bittersweet is stitched over one - I love over one!!
The postcard is very old.  I actually purchased in the Wisconsin Dells at an antique shop for $20.  At the time I was not working and three little boys it was a lot of $$$$.  I'm not sure that I even fessed up to the hubby that I bought just like it sold on Ebay for $600!!  Whew hew!!

Halloween is right around the corner - and I'm stirring up some plans to celebrate and enjoy...

A new arrival - Cadance and Aria as big sister!

A happy celebration while back in WI - mom and dad's 60th wedding anniversary.  
The Family!

A quick trip up to WI and then Door County with my twin sister and her hubby.

The road with all the curves!  This is a well known travel road that many artists try to get perfect on their pic.  I think I did pretty good!

A little sweet church we found in the woods,

  Gotta try the selfie thing..we look confused!  LOL

Cooper's first big road trip!  The below became our 2017 Christmas card.

Late Summer Roses - the colors were stunning!!

An August trip to Mesa, AZ for my Attic Needleworks Summer School Class.

Class Projects -

The drive home we were entertained with beautiful mountains.

Beautiful El Paso sunset...
and sunset flowers too
Aria enjoying some summer fun in WI!

So this happened

but then so did this - with tons of glue and lots of patience.  I have to admit I was ready to trash it but I loved her so much I just had to try.  She is now safe hanging in the master bathroom.

Not much stitching with a new puppy, but I did start this sweet MH Dutch sampler.

             Fourth of July celebration 2017 in MN  New birthday bikes for Lyla and Chloe
Back to Racine, WI and of course a stop at Kewpies for lunch

Mike, dad and my sweetie - love the Hollyhocks - A trip to the Yardarm for of course - FISH!
A stop at Eagle Lane with our friends, Dan and Anne

The Family
Angela, Jared, Aria and baby bump with Jenny and my twin Karen

Jenny & Karen, Angela, Jared and Aria and baby bump Cadance.

Gigi's birthday July 1st.

Memorial Day 2017
I love my patriotic treasures and samplers! This is in the guest bedroom.
Just pretty! :)

Sweet Aria's birthday picture - 

And more Aria!

Another Finish, Sweet Tempe 
r, Mary Peale - Shakespeare Peddler

We had an AWESOME!! time in San Antonio with some longtime great friends!

La Posta - Mesilla, NM  Fantastic Mexican Food!

Selfie...I still need practice..

Beautiful shopping places.  

The boys each bought a hat..Anne and I bought identical purses..
Dan and Ralph - Best friends since elementary school.  Each was best man in the others wedding.

Finally found the German food on the River Walk.

Gunter House for brunch before heading back to ELP.  I love the stained glass windows. :) 
Flowers from the kids for Mom's Day
Celebrated Mothers Day together with brunch a LaMadeline!
A must do if visiting El Paso - Rosa's Cantina - again great authentic food!

White Sands also a must!

Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens, TX  Dan treated EVERYONE!!

Filled in with my DIL graduation.  She is officially an RN.
Congratulations Sweetie! 

I brought this little five pound fur baby home and yes..surprised the hubby.  How could he say NO - but I did offer.....

Meet Cooper.  Born on hubby's birthday:)

Stitching may be on hold just because of "five lbs" (Cooper)

EASTER - 2017

Papa and Gigi
El Paso Easter egg hunt - pretty Gigi

Meanwhile in MN the twins are opening their Easter boxes from Papa and Grandma..