Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chester County Liberty - post to my diary

I wish you could see the detail to this one.  The border is all queen stitch, the houses double cross and grass is long armed stitch.  For such a small sampler it has a huge amount of work!

Display Case - post to my diary

I backed my glass display cabinet with pictures of samplers.  Made torn edges and glue!  It really set off the back of my case for all my needlework smalls.

French Jingle Bells - post to my diary

Jingle Bells all ready for Winter 2012!

Weddings! - post to my diary

These are my boys!  All three that are now married.  Groom Dan (middle in the white) Groom Jared (middle left in grey) Groom Adam (top center in black).  I'm so proud of these guys!

Camera Working - post to my diary

Well it's Tuesday.  I missed PT yesterday and really need to go this morning.  I'm just dragging here a bit.  Here is the back of my needle keeper.  I really like the initials. A little modified on the "K" as I needed the height to meet the "B" so I took an "R" and changed it up by adding a few stitches.