Sunday, August 5, 2012

Essamplaire's Elisabeth Timms Is On The Move! - post to my diary

Elisabeth Timms is coming along.  I'm just about done with the over one on the left of the sampler.  I then will have a small flower pot in the center below the tablet that is over one.  I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying stitching the over one.  I thougt it would take a lot longer.  She is really turning out to be stunning.  The queens stitch is so very pretty located top left and right.  I'm alreay thinking "what next?"  There are soooooo many beautiful new graphs to choose from!

Birthday Gifts Have Found Their New Home - post to my diary

So my birthday presents have found their new home amongst my other Christmas stitching/fun stuff!  The sleigh is on top of a few old Christmas story books and my beautiful Christmas emery/pin cushion is sitting on top of my needle book that is perched within an antique Merry Christmas cup and saucer on the right!  My Christmas sewing notions are certainly growing!

Better Pics of my Needle Book/Sciccors Holder - post to my diary

Here is a better pic of my needle older/scissory pocket.  And the back with my initials.

Mom's Birthday Present - post to my diary

So here is the little box that I picked up in Mexico.  I brought one home for mom for her birthday too.  Sent it to WI and it did get there in time and in perfect shape!  I always worry about sending something fragile.  I love the row of painted flowers top the box.  Good for pins, candy.  Fun stuff!