Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wish We Had GAST Back In The Day - a post to my diary

Three Words of Praise samplers I stitched..."Back in the Day"!   I've often thought to re-stitch with the beautiful silk or GAST.  The third I pulled out of the UFO stash...finished after foot surgery...:(

Two Oldies But Goodies - a post to my diary

I stitched these back in the day when the boys were crawling around!  I was inspired to stitch Francis as I really liked the saying she stitched.

Americana - a post to my diary

 Some of my Americana stitches...

Just signed up for Amy's class....

Can't Wait! - post to my diary

I'm so excited about starting this one!  I stitch a lot and totally missed this one...the moon and the stars! 

A Beauty! - a post to my diary

I just love the beautiful trade card above...and yet another beauty to love below!