Wednesday, December 30, 2015

So Much To Be Thankful For - post to my diary

Thankful to go to Aria's Thanksgiving lunch at daycare.

But.. first a quick stop at the quilt shop with my friend Mary.  And yes, I bought the kit to make this quilted beauty
          and more!

My Dad's 80th Birthday Dinner at the Hob Nob in Kenosha, WI

Annual trip to Kewpies - Downtown Racine, WI.  Top is 2015, bottom is Mom & Dad 2014, top 2015.

The Holiday Twins - a post to my diary

I love these adorable outfits and the sweet grandbabies even more!

Poncho People - a post to my diary

Beautiful snowfall the morning we wait

for the train for Chicago, Christkindlemarket.  All us girls were soooooooo excited!

The best attire for a healthy snowshower.  Perfect.  We could have sold them 100 times over!

I now own the beautiful tri-fold hand painted nativity upper left...soooo pretty! And the 3d Hansel and Gretel tree ornament.  And the standing Christmas tree with the nativity under. 

Me, sister Jenny, niece Amanda, twin sister Karen and niece Anneka!

And this is how we became know as the "poncho people".

And To All A Good Night! - a post to my diary

Stitched in 2015.  A pattern sold on ETSY.

Holidays Headed Our Way - a post to my diary

Found this on FB - all buttons and stuff!

Fall Is In The Air - a post to my diary

Gotta stitch this one!
Giggle, Giggle!

Pretty fall table in my dining room.

After The First Hail Store - Leaky Door - a post to my diary

Of course this was after hubby installed the pocket door and new wood floor in the bedroom.  What a fan can do for a wet floor!  This is off our bedroom to the patio.  The hail was mounted so high on the door we could not get it open or out...but as it melted....:( :(  DRIP DRIP DRIP from the second floor to the first floor.....What a mess.

Turns out it was a good thing as we had bad news surrounding the door.  But now all better!

Have Dog Will Travel - a post to my diary

Up to Wi(consin) as the grandbabies try to say!

Only hours before, I was totally surprised that I was able to hit the Elkhorn Flee Market!

Oh the hot summer days on the patio with this one with fresh squeezed lemonade!

Started With A Pocket Door - a post to my diary

And if you know this guy - it is perfect!

Floor done (before hail storm #1)....but moving on to the hallway and other bedrooms.

Could This Be Any Cuter? - a post to my diary

Above, Gianna enjoy sushi and below her version of the Pledge of Allegiance while signing.
PS....You have to have the right browser to see this.

In My Spare TIme - a post to my diary

Just gotta stich the stuff to stick inside....:)  All Blackbird designs.

So pretty at night - one on each side of the kitchen window.


HAIL - Just crazy! - a post to my diary

Before the hail storm......

Don't even want to show what the garden looked like after the first hail storm...roof repaired and then another hail storm.  Just crazy!

Across The Pond, Such a Nice Lady - a post ot my diary

I have always loved this Victorian winter holiday card and at some point saw there is a graph for stitching it.  No where on earth could I find and so the mission began - and then...this wonderful lady across the pond sent me her working pages to stitch mine.  Maybe this as a new start?

Geting Organized & Just For Fun - a post to my diary

   Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yea.  Grandma on the right - Aria on the left.  Wonder where Aria gets her good tastes from?

I did it!  All colors of DMC - wound and filed in my antique Coats & Clark drawers.

My new start???  Each  motif has a beautiful story - right from the Bible.