Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Elizabeth Timms - post to my diary

Meet Elizabeth Timms.  This is the antique frame that I found a while back...prob. years.  But the scallops on the edge of the frame really fit nice with the top border of scallops.  I needed to have the frame cut down some but no fears, my framer Albert at Framing Concepts in El Paso is fantastic with this stuff!  He mitered the scalloped corners perfectly!

Essamplaire - Elisabeth Timms - I wonder how many mistakes she made at age 7 - post to my diary

I have been stitching.  Elisabeth Timms.  Hard to believe this gal was 7.  I wonder how many mistakes she make stitching all those queen stitches.  I will post pics later.

Sleigh Ride for my Birthday - post to my diary

I have the best hubby.  He asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I remembered having this saved in my ebay watch list list for quite some time.  I'm surprised it was still there.  But I told him about it and WALAAAA!  He bought this for me and my sewing treasure addiction.  He may have felt sorry for my toes too!

Lady in waiting - post to my diary

I just bought this treasure off ebay.  It's the top of a jar that I'm going to turn into a pincushion doll.  For now she will sit under the glass dome.  A lady in waiting!

Remembering grandma Pearl - post to my diary

I wish I had not waited so long for me to "redo" this pincushion.  I spent some time organizaing my "things" and preparing my stuff for my return to work and low and behold I found grandma Pearl's pincushion! (in pieces)  I always had good intentions to make a new liner.  Well today I did just that!  I'm just sorry that it took me years to get it done and I missed the enjoyment I could have had remembering grandma Pearl!  Hello grandma..:)

Birthday Roses - post to my diary

BIRTHDAY flowers!  These are such pretty roses.  They look so old!  I wish they would stay like this.  Although, I have to say that I'm having pretty good luck with drying roses.  I guess the hell heat here in Texas helps that along!