Saturday, April 27, 2013

Secret Garden - post to my diary

Pretty glass lilly of the valley flowers

Garden Gate-I changed the design a little on the front gate.  A copper stencil with my initials K & B

The Garden and the pin cushion I stitched to match

The door that opens to the garden.   Can you see the pretty antique green scissor handle?

Shaker Box & Smalls - post to my diary

I really enjoyed stitching this!  The greens are such a soft colors.  I found fabric that matched perfectly.  Again sore hands, but well worth it!

A Piece Of Holly - post to my diary

Happy Christmas to Merry Christmas.  This is all ready for framing.  I changed the center to a pattern that I had stitched in a previous sampler over one.  Holly is so perfect for the winter holiday!  

Hush Little Baby - post to my diary

 Ready for framing!  And then along came Aria!
Grandbaby Aria made her arrival!  I cannot wait to hug and hold!

And Wedding Number 3 - post to my diary

I think the pictures say it all!  It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple and of course Gianna is a beauty all by herself!

Waste Knot Want Knot & Forget Me Knots - post to my diary


Soooo I have finished my Nantucket Sewing Basket and the accessories that match.  I really had to replace everything on the piece of linen as I had to make it all fit.  The Needle book is a tiny bit smaller and I also changed the words to "Forget Me Knots" since the design was stitched for little blue flowers.  I added tiny tiny blue buttons for fun!  I love the tape measure.  And again - some sore hands after sewing together.  All worth it!

My Lilly of the Valley Satin Box - post to my diary

I just loved stitching and assembling this box!  Hands were a little (lot) sore after - but how cool is that.  Turns out my wedding anniversary is in May - Lilly of the Valley happens to be the flower for the month of May and they were embroidered all over my wedding dress.  I added a flower stem from my then very popular silk bouquet!  Pretty Pretty!  Thank You Linda V. for this design!

How Many Pairs of Shoes Can a Girl Have? - post to my diary

I congratulated myself with these pincushion shoes.  My merit was a long time in coming - but well worth the wait once I received these in the mail!

Pretty Pink Purse - post to my diary

While I was waiting for a piece of linen to arrive for my next sampler project, I had my "pretty pink purse" all stitched and ready to go for the finishing.  Soooo I finished sewing this beauty al by hand!  The beads were extra making my own dotted Swiss and the lining inside is a beautiful raspberry silk. 

Stunning! - post to my diary

This top one was shared on FB Sampler World.  Which I fell in love with along with the bottom one.  One reminded me of the other.  Top is my favorite...she is stitching!,,

I think these two pieces of art are stunning!  The bottom was at an antique shop
 in Wisconsin this past summer.