Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm a Lady in Waiting For a Lady - post to my diary

So after seeing so many glass flower frogs like this one, I took the bite and bid on this little gem.  I choose this salmon pink color over the clear...more rare and it goes with my new velvet box.  Can't wait till she arrives to give my special stitching scissors a new home!

A Country Chicken, Home At Last - a post to my diary

Soooo there is a story here.  I bought this for a friend in WI.  She hated it. Never saw it in her home, ever.  But my bestie - Mary went to her rummage sale years letter and yep...bought it and saved it for me.  Mary took it under her wing for a bit as she loved it as much as I  But on my return trip she sent me flying home with my chicken.  Home at last!:)

Valentines - a post to my diary

Valentines, book and tray found in WI. 

 Loving the peek a boo grid work!

Walls of Fame - a post to my diary

Where the Magic Happens - post to my diary

Duchess!  My collection!
Behind closet doors hide linen, fabric, silks, DMC, Danish Flower Threads, craft goodies.  Where is the time hiding?

One does have to sleep. :)

Another Finish - a post to my diary

Another finish to frame!
Can you see my little Smokey?

A Little Risky! - a post to my diary

Loving the linen.  A little risky but sooooo fun!

Mary, Mary What Will You Do With All Those Shoes? - post to my diary

I just loved visiting you at Christmas!  This was my favorite display - your shoe collection!

Sooooo Many to Frame - post to my diary

I have sooooo many to frame!   There is always next Halloween and Christmas and and and...

Something Different - post to my diary

Refurbished this little lady using most of the old fabric......and then I needed a bigger sewing/stitching bag, so I sewed up this...  Loved the prim of the bag.  Burlap.  Who would have thought?

Pride & Joy - post to my diary

Pride and Joy...little turkeys!

Beautiful Box - post to my diary

Such a beautiful velvet box.  The colors are amazing.  I stuffed it full of some of my favorite needle notions!

Another Blackbird - post to my diary

I did make quite a few changes to fit the count of the linen...

Treasure - post to my diary

Front of my new cupboard...

Back in The Day - post to my diary

Oh yea....made dolls and sewed their clothes...crazy lady!

New Treasure - post to my diary

 New treasure! Love, love the round frame...actually saw this same dresser after in an old black and white movie!

Merry Christmas! - post to my diary

How pretty was this to see on our ride into town!

Two New Dressers - post to my diary

I fell in love with one and had to have the other!  Both welcome our family when we get to our real home!  Originally from Milwaukee, WI.

Side View - post to my diary

Dear hubby bought the ring for me for Christmas...

Been A While - post to my diary

A couple of finishes, each done on 40 count...see Smokey on the bottom pic?  Changed out the kitty for my bestie!