Thursday, December 31, 2015

Heaven & Nature Sing - a post to my diary

I had to post this one again.  One of may favorites.  And the little pouch stays out all year long with lavender in the Spring, Summer and greens for the Winter season

Christkindlemarket Treasures - a post to my diary

My New Pryamid and Pewter Tri-Fold Nativity!  Such treasures along with the great memories with my sisters and nieces!

Quick Trip To Palomas, Mexico - a post to my diary

I always find a treasure in Mexico.  Added to my collection of hand blown glass Christmas balls and a beautifully hand painted candle holder.  Hubby treated me to lunch and a little Christmas shopping!

Looking Back Christmas - 2014 a post to my diary

Smokey - A good little boy!

Twins - Christmas 2014

Twins - Christmas 2014

Remember this?

 I just love this!  It was beautiful! 

Ho Ho Ho - a post to my diary

Tomas Kinkade Santa - "St. Nicholas Naughty or Nice?"  My present from Jared, Angela and Aria. 

A FB Success!  They tasted as good as they look!

So sweet!

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas! - a post to my diary

My most favorite Christmas pictures of my three boys.  The one in the background is the actual picture that my oldest carried in his wallet for quite some time when he was a little boy.  Wrinkles to prove it!
Mugs of hot chocolate to help enjoy this.....

Over 10 inches of the white beautiful fluffy stuff!  What a treat!

Las Cruces Organ Mountains - pic that was on FB - taken by a photographer at the Sun Times.

Peaceful little town!

Christmas Eve, Full Moon - a post to my diary

Feliz Navidad Everyone!

Little town of Mesilla, NM.  Hubby and I traveled to see over 6000 luminaires in this quaint village.  All were offered a candle and to join in the Christmas carols!  The moon is full in the background.  Just beautiful!

And A Little More - a post to my diary

Office and Master Bedroom - with just a little splash of Christmas!

Master Bedroom and Hallway

More Christmas Decorating - a post to my diary

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas! - a post to my diary