Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back in the day - post to my diary

Remember the day back in 1983...WOW.  Where did that time go?  So this piece I started when my first son Adam was born in yes..1983.  I had it about 7/8ths of the way done and put it down for whatever reason - diapers, another baby, sick kids, sick dog...who knows?  So recently I got real organized and found this piece.  I thought what a shame that it is not done.  So I finished it.  It had acquired some age spots and it was on Aida.  I don't stitch anything on Aida.  That was pretty much what we had to choose from at the time.  I filled  every square in for background using a herringbone stitch.  I don't frame these pieces anymore just samplers.  So I made this box.  And I love it all over again!  I would never stitch this today as samplers is my love and joy.  This is probably my biggest conffetti piece I own.  Done!

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