Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Papa Turns A Big One - post to my diary

Wrinkled But Finished - post to my diary

Needs ironing and a frame.  A better picture of the whole design - "Sparrow"  I added my little Smokey next to Eve (me) who was by best fur baby.  He sleeps and cuddles with the other fur babies over the rainbow bridge.

No Words Needed - post to my diary

Scrappy Quilt - post to my diary

I bought hand pieced quilt top, all hand pieced for $25 at an antique shop.  Taking a break after finishing "Sparrow", I took the time to bind. I'm in love!

Bittersweet - post to my diary

I love the one thread over one!  A pain for sure to stitch but as always once completed, I just want more!