Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just A Pic - post to my diary

Oh Miss Timms! - post to my diary

I love the bottom part of this sampler.  It's big, no over one so progress is much quicker.  Some queen stitch below the yellow tulip but not bad.  I do really like this one...ohhhhhh what to start next!

This Is What $2 Got Me - post to my diary

Antiquing yesterday, I found this little gem!  Are those girls not the sweetest?   I treasure things like this as here in El Paso for the most parts the find is wagon wheels and ginormous metal stars! 

Smokey - post to my diary

My sweet Smokey - groomed just yesterday!  A happy man he is!

The Girls Are Framed - post to my diary

The girls are framed and ready to hang!  I just love this pair.  New frames was a great face lift.  $9 got me this lovely pair.  A little more for the for the new frames, but well worth it!  Now to find the wall space amongst the samplers...more holes is the wall?